Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to create a facebook fanpage easily.

Let's continue from where we stopped last time before I jump to other pressing issues I'll like to discuss with you pal. In fact- I'm bursting with info right now after learning with Google.

So- let's go. Let's take it step by step now.
1- Have a facebook account- I suppose you already do and if you don't, well then, go to to register. In fact, you may ignore this first step as it'll covered by step 2.

2- Click on ''create page'' link at the bottom of just before you sign in. This is easy to see, looking at the footer of the page, you'll see all this :) about, developers, create page and so on. Click on create page.

3- Enter your business details- it's easy to see that we have various categories of pages to be created on the page where you are now directed to- there's a particular one with the tag- business- click on it to bring a drop down menu to enter your business details. Do that promptly. Be careful with the address and zip code- make sure you know it. If you don't, try and google search it by typing ''name of city, zip code'' into the search area.

4- Now, I'll suppose you can understand the rest procedures yourself as it's quite user friendly. And that's it all! You have a facebook fan page for your business.

Now, let's discuss how you get the fans for your page.

It's true that it's not easy to get fans for facebook pages, but some actually do get a lot, so how do they do it? We'll be discussing that later. For now, try doing some trial-and-error stuff on your page to learn first hand how to manage pages. Visit the admin section and view all the settings- change some and see what they mean. If you have any question about that, just feel like a browsing bird to comment below.

#Love you! To your success!

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