Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to use Facebook Fan pages to Increase your company's awareness and overcome competitions

Hello Friend,
Welcome to my Junk blog. today, I'll like to sincerely put across to you a truth you may not yet have realized. And this is it:


        Alright, Let us first consider why facebook is an important avenue for your business organization now.
  • Facebook is currently the largest social media with over 850 million users from all over the world. This means that if your business is on Facebook, the market is larger than what you might be having currently and that my friend, represents more sales and consequently more sales for you and better growth of y
  • Also, Facebook is a very much interactive social media and that means it can get very much viral with whatever information you feed into it. Take for example; if you have 500 friends who you tell about your product and they also in turn tell about 500 of their own friends about it, excluding your mutual friends that can be about 100, then you'll have about 500X400= 200000 users and they also telling others too. Just Imagine how fast that could bring the required profit for your Business!
  • Many people rely on recommendations from friends and family to buy any product, so as you can see, Facebook offer just the best avenue for that to happen! And if your product is on Facebook, wow! How Happy will you be to see the sales improving escalatingly! Sorry for that shout of joy if it disturbs you but I'm just so happy to make you see the better future of your business on Facebook.
  • Facebook gives you the right launching pad even as you are given the opportunity of having your business fan page where you can direct your customers to almost like a website! And what's more interesting is that the fanpage is free to create easy to manage and very much user friendly.
          Now that you see the light, I'm quite sure the question on your mind is how to get yours Now! So I've decide to help you to the end by showing you into this step by step. But I need to rest my fingers now as I have to heed a call from a friend. But not to worry, I'll soon be back to give you the rest of the Package.


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