Friday, November 9, 2012

What do people like online?

Oh, you wanna know?
I also wanna know more too. But let me share what I think we all like in the online world with you and I'll listen to yours- promise you'll tell me? Okay, Let's go.

People like--
1. Free Stuffs!- This always rank highly on people's minds when searching for anything online. Free changes everything. That's why Google, Yahoo and Facebook will always remain tops in their niche- they offer great services FREE. Internet marketers have also learnt it- use the magic word- free and you'll have better Traffic, better conversion, more cash! Now wait wait wait. If I tell you just to comment below this topic, you probably won't- you think it's worth nothing. But if I simply say something like "COMMENT BELOW THIS TOPIC FOR FREE!" in the shouting format, You'll see a lot of comments- even people who only comment to know why it's free. We are all looking for ways to get good stuffs for free and when we see it free, we believe it was worth something before it was made free. The saddening part is that the word Free is now being misused. You'll see- download a free report only to later know that it's only to get your email and give you a piece of
advert to buy the real stuff. Well, you got it free anyway.

2. Trendy!- Oh, who won't like to go where the multitudes are gathered? Just the fact that you checked a lovely dress and you find out that it has not been checked out by anyone makes you think something is either wrong with the dress or you. Believe me, people rarely comment on a good post if there's no ice breaking comment on it. And people will follow the trend to comment even on a post of over 3 years just because it says- 163 comments. For God's sake, what's your concern again on such a post?! And Internet Marketers too are learning. They do it this way- I make a post on my blog, go back as Anonymous, comment on it controversially and expect others to start fighting and the trendlers come in to do the rest. Another side of trend- People on Social networks will rather like a page with about 2million likes than another with 200 Especially if half of their friends have already done so. That's why Facebook show you that- so, so and so and 97 other
friends likes/uses this page/app. It's all in the bid to get more from the Trendy guys and gals! And if I may add- gals are more Trend minded than guys- Support?

3. Simple, Fast, Easy!- Don't let me talk too much on that- it'll defeat the meaning. It's just you'll like Simply click a button Easily and Share this Post in 2 seconds! Isn't that fast?

Talk to ya later friend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How many hours Sleep do you need?

Sleeping thingz.....

Have you been sleeping well of late?

I seriously doubt it. All these assignments and researches you do late into the night have been depriving you of good sleep and you should consider Sleeping More! Yeah man, that brain of your will function well if you can just allow it to relax better and more by resting.

Some Doctors said the ideal number of hours to sleep is 8 hours for children, 6 hours for Adults but I seriously disagree. Some others believe that to maximise your day you should even sleep for less hours- again, I believe that's totally wrong.

SLEEP MORE, GIVES MORE! More health and vitality is added to you when you give more time to sleeping. Sleeping allows your nerves to relax and move at their own pace. Sleeping enables you to focus more during the day time- which leads to better productivity.

And you want to know how many hours you should sleep? Sleep as soon as the Night darkens and wake up at dawn! That translates to Sleeping at around 7pm to 8pm and waking up at 6am- about 10 to 11 hours! O yeah! It's possible!

And plus, it won't affect your schedule. It simply implies that you need to reschedule your daily activities. Make sure all your office, school or business duties end by 5pm, get home before 6pm, shower and eat before 7pm and get into bed!

Sleeping also gives you more fresher skin, especially for people already sloping down from 40 years downwards. It increases your vitality and agility. It's quite better than any drug you might wanna use or have been using to prevent aging.

And for my Dearest students, your brain will work faster and better if you can just try to add an hour more of rest to your night or Day.

Imagine being able to solve more calculations within shorter time and smiling all through the day without getting stressed up. Imagine easily passing all your courses without having to cheat or stressing your brain out. It's possible! Just sleep more!

Don't think I'm overexaggerating the effects of Sleeping. I'm not. There are a lot of stuffs that Sleeping does for you that you might want to bother checking out on google.

Alright. 10 hours too much? Try and stick to at least 8 hours of Sleep per day. You can also split it to about 2 hours during the day for Siesta and the rest 6 hours during the night. But the downside of this for me is that I find it hard getting myself to sleep at night after sleeping during the day. So I just stick to Night Sleep only most times and take short eye-closed rests during the day.

How many hours do you sleep per day? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Encouraging myself

What's up buddy

The times have been turning for Good for me of late. As it is being said, the darkest hour of the night is the one just before the new Dawn. So I really believe I'll overcome every trouble I'm currently facing right now.

Have you also heard that every time you ask the Police to comment on a very serious problem facing them, they always end their talk with " We are On Top of The Situation"
That makes me confident- I'm totally ahead of the Game! What stops me from excelling? NOTHING!
What stops me from making it to the top? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So why am I downcasted and sad? Why should my soul be weary, why should I be scared of tomorrow when I know Him who Holds my Tomorrow?

The birds of the air don't plant and they don't die of hunger. The lilies of the valley don't buy clothes and they are always beautifully decorated. I'm an Human Being, made in the Creator's Image, why should I be scared for what I'll wear or Eat? Why Should Money put my mind to work only to worry. Money SHALL be my Slave! And not my Master.

I've learnt to look back everytime problem knocks and remember that other problems have come and gone! So the ones around me now are also here to Pass! They are not here to stay. Not even when it seems like they'll continually beat me down. I'll stand up and Face my Problems, I'll not try to ignore them or pretend as if they don't exist. I'll fight them one after the other. I'll take a step at a time and By His Grace, I Shall Win this Battle! And at the very end shout the final Order- THE BATTLE IS OVER!

And the real Fight back Starts Now!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Learning html, Java, CSS easily from

For those interested in learning about Html, web design, java, browser scripts, Css, PHP, XML, JQuery, Ajax, SQL etc and have been searching for where to do so for free and with easy to understand lessons blessed with a lot of easy to edit Tutorials- "try it yourself" then is your prime choice. is made available by the World Wide Web Consortium. They are the ones really backing the web in terms of agreement on language formats and design standards. So you can trust them to give you the best. I'm sure you'll find their lessons easy to understand and explanatory. You'll be glad with all that they are willing to teach you anytime anywhere without requiring to Even Register. In fact, the lessons on Html Basics can be learnt on Mobile with the automated editable try-it-yourself examples.

And what's more is that this marvellous school is willing to certify you as a Standard Webdesigner and bless you with a certificate in any course you wish. All you need do is register for their certification exam at their website online for a small change- less than your budget on Adwords.

So if I were you as a blogger or as a non techie person who wants to learn and do so fast, I'll simply click on now and start.

The certificate you get will surely get you almost instant Jobs on freelance sites like and . Don't just sit down idle, start Now!

To your success. automatic dns settings for blogger domains.

That's the simple fact for all bloggers seeking to buy a custom domain for their blogs. What I mean by Custom domain is a url without extension like mine . I'll soon buy up a custom domain for it like I did with .

The reason why I support as the best is for the singular fact that they have an option for automatic configuration of blogger dns settings. You just click click and wait for about 24 hours and your custom domain is live! Isn't that awesome considering the fact that guys are out there paying for this same free service. I really don't blame them, that settings is a bit hectic to configure even with all the Google tutorial about it.

Now, the steps are simple and won't take your time. First head out to and purchase that domain name you want for very cheap with coupons and then go to and login to your blog settings. Go to the basic settings and you'll see Publishing. That's where everything about domain name is. Just click on "add a custom domain" and type in the name you've purchased with WWW. Then go ahead and click on the link below to automatically configure the dns settings.

Hope it works? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Reading the wrong signals from a Relationship?

Let's talk about Relationships today.

Reading the wrong Signals from a relationship- has it ever happened to you?

For me, the answer is yes! In fact, From me too, many female friends are reading the wrong signals. A lot of times when a friend of the opposite sex is nice, caring, jovial and "jokious" with us, tells us about himself or herself and kinda singles us out of the crowd of others around- we immediately think that equals to Romantic interest whereas the person might just want a Simple Close Friendship with us and nothing more.

There are a number of reasons why that might be and I'll like to list some but not all for you- just to serve as a pointer.

1. The other person might feel more comfortable around the opposite sex and has chosen you to be close with, a person that listens, cares, encourages and advises genuinely usually fall into this trap a lot of times......
Ladies are the ones who sends this signals most. They many a times simply chose a guy who is nice, caring and interesting to be close with, expecting him to automatically understand that it is Simply Friendship. But most times, the guy takes it for a "courtship I.V."

2. Benefit friendship- A lady might be close to a guy because the guy is rich, brilliant or at a vantage position. The closeness is simply because of what she might gain not because of "LOVE".

3. He/She might also be interested but is just testing out various options on his/her list. And to all on that list, it's a signal for a Dating relationship. I really don't like falling in that "fight to the last man standing group" cos I'm jealous *he he he he*

4. You might also be reading the wrong signals due to the singular fact that your workplace or schedule puts both of you together and he or she is just killing time by chatting with you:-) Sorry, the moment that tight corner expands, your time elapses. For example, two teachers of the same subject that sit together during free periods in time same office alone will tend to read wrong signals while chatting with each other. But the moment one gets transferred, they forget each other.

And many more reasons why you could be reading the totally wrong signal. He/She is not ready for a relationship with you just because you chatted for 3 hours on IM.

Is there a way for you to detect such wrong signals?

Yeah. Sometimes it's easy to know it's the wrong signal but it's equally hard to believe because we humans like to live more in Illusion.

--When all your talk ends up with "can you do me a favour?" Or it's everytime she accepts your gift- it MIGHT be the wrong signal or the right one. It takes discretion.

->When you're the one doing the talking and he/she is just laughing at your jokes without contributing, watch out.

=>When he/she avoids your questions about relationship- it might be that he/she doesn't wanna hurt you by telling you about the special one in his/her life.

=> When all your chats, cuddles and laughs end up where you do it- office, class, etc. Please think deeper before popping the Question.

=>When she does what she's doing with you with another guy. Don't be blind to it- you're not special!

Save yourself the embarrassment, it's not everytime a lady or a guy gets close to you that they are aiming towards a relationship with you. It's more than that. Ask questions towards relationships stuffs before you pop the Question. Listen to his/her responses. It aids your decision better.

And even if no other person does, Remember, I Love You!