Friday, November 9, 2012

What do people like online?

Oh, you wanna know?
I also wanna know more too. But let me share what I think we all like in the online world with you and I'll listen to yours- promise you'll tell me? Okay, Let's go.

People like--
1. Free Stuffs!- This always rank highly on people's minds when searching for anything online. Free changes everything. That's why Google, Yahoo and Facebook will always remain tops in their niche- they offer great services FREE. Internet marketers have also learnt it- use the magic word- free and you'll have better Traffic, better conversion, more cash! Now wait wait wait. If I tell you just to comment below this topic, you probably won't- you think it's worth nothing. But if I simply say something like "COMMENT BELOW THIS TOPIC FOR FREE!" in the shouting format, You'll see a lot of comments- even people who only comment to know why it's free. We are all looking for ways to get good stuffs for free and when we see it free, we believe it was worth something before it was made free. The saddening part is that the word Free is now being misused. You'll see- download a free report only to later know that it's only to get your email and give you a piece of
advert to buy the real stuff. Well, you got it free anyway.

2. Trendy!- Oh, who won't like to go where the multitudes are gathered? Just the fact that you checked a lovely dress and you find out that it has not been checked out by anyone makes you think something is either wrong with the dress or you. Believe me, people rarely comment on a good post if there's no ice breaking comment on it. And people will follow the trend to comment even on a post of over 3 years just because it says- 163 comments. For God's sake, what's your concern again on such a post?! And Internet Marketers too are learning. They do it this way- I make a post on my blog, go back as Anonymous, comment on it controversially and expect others to start fighting and the trendlers come in to do the rest. Another side of trend- People on Social networks will rather like a page with about 2million likes than another with 200 Especially if half of their friends have already done so. That's why Facebook show you that- so, so and so and 97 other
friends likes/uses this page/app. It's all in the bid to get more from the Trendy guys and gals! And if I may add- gals are more Trend minded than guys- Support?

3. Simple, Fast, Easy!- Don't let me talk too much on that- it'll defeat the meaning. It's just you'll like Simply click a button Easily and Share this Post in 2 seconds! Isn't that fast?

Talk to ya later friend!

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