Friday, November 2, 2012

Reading the wrong signals from a Relationship?

Let's talk about Relationships today.

Reading the wrong Signals from a relationship- has it ever happened to you?

For me, the answer is yes! In fact, From me too, many female friends are reading the wrong signals. A lot of times when a friend of the opposite sex is nice, caring, jovial and "jokious" with us, tells us about himself or herself and kinda singles us out of the crowd of others around- we immediately think that equals to Romantic interest whereas the person might just want a Simple Close Friendship with us and nothing more.

There are a number of reasons why that might be and I'll like to list some but not all for you- just to serve as a pointer.

1. The other person might feel more comfortable around the opposite sex and has chosen you to be close with, a person that listens, cares, encourages and advises genuinely usually fall into this trap a lot of times......
Ladies are the ones who sends this signals most. They many a times simply chose a guy who is nice, caring and interesting to be close with, expecting him to automatically understand that it is Simply Friendship. But most times, the guy takes it for a "courtship I.V."

2. Benefit friendship- A lady might be close to a guy because the guy is rich, brilliant or at a vantage position. The closeness is simply because of what she might gain not because of "LOVE".

3. He/She might also be interested but is just testing out various options on his/her list. And to all on that list, it's a signal for a Dating relationship. I really don't like falling in that "fight to the last man standing group" cos I'm jealous *he he he he*

4. You might also be reading the wrong signals due to the singular fact that your workplace or schedule puts both of you together and he or she is just killing time by chatting with you:-) Sorry, the moment that tight corner expands, your time elapses. For example, two teachers of the same subject that sit together during free periods in time same office alone will tend to read wrong signals while chatting with each other. But the moment one gets transferred, they forget each other.

And many more reasons why you could be reading the totally wrong signal. He/She is not ready for a relationship with you just because you chatted for 3 hours on IM.

Is there a way for you to detect such wrong signals?

Yeah. Sometimes it's easy to know it's the wrong signal but it's equally hard to believe because we humans like to live more in Illusion.

--When all your talk ends up with "can you do me a favour?" Or it's everytime she accepts your gift- it MIGHT be the wrong signal or the right one. It takes discretion.

->When you're the one doing the talking and he/she is just laughing at your jokes without contributing, watch out.

=>When he/she avoids your questions about relationship- it might be that he/she doesn't wanna hurt you by telling you about the special one in his/her life.

=> When all your chats, cuddles and laughs end up where you do it- office, class, etc. Please think deeper before popping the Question.

=>When she does what she's doing with you with another guy. Don't be blind to it- you're not special!

Save yourself the embarrassment, it's not everytime a lady or a guy gets close to you that they are aiming towards a relationship with you. It's more than that. Ask questions towards relationships stuffs before you pop the Question. Listen to his/her responses. It aids your decision better.

And even if no other person does, Remember, I Love You!

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