Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How many hours Sleep do you need?

Sleeping thingz.....

Have you been sleeping well of late?

I seriously doubt it. All these assignments and researches you do late into the night have been depriving you of good sleep and you should consider Sleeping More! Yeah man, that brain of your will function well if you can just allow it to relax better and more by resting.

Some Doctors said the ideal number of hours to sleep is 8 hours for children, 6 hours for Adults but I seriously disagree. Some others believe that to maximise your day you should even sleep for less hours- again, I believe that's totally wrong.

SLEEP MORE, GIVES MORE! More health and vitality is added to you when you give more time to sleeping. Sleeping allows your nerves to relax and move at their own pace. Sleeping enables you to focus more during the day time- which leads to better productivity.

And you want to know how many hours you should sleep? Sleep as soon as the Night darkens and wake up at dawn! That translates to Sleeping at around 7pm to 8pm and waking up at 6am- about 10 to 11 hours! O yeah! It's possible!

And plus, it won't affect your schedule. It simply implies that you need to reschedule your daily activities. Make sure all your office, school or business duties end by 5pm, get home before 6pm, shower and eat before 7pm and get into bed!

Sleeping also gives you more fresher skin, especially for people already sloping down from 40 years downwards. It increases your vitality and agility. It's quite better than any drug you might wanna use or have been using to prevent aging.

And for my Dearest students, your brain will work faster and better if you can just try to add an hour more of rest to your night or Day.

Imagine being able to solve more calculations within shorter time and smiling all through the day without getting stressed up. Imagine easily passing all your courses without having to cheat or stressing your brain out. It's possible! Just sleep more!

Don't think I'm overexaggerating the effects of Sleeping. I'm not. There are a lot of stuffs that Sleeping does for you that you might want to bother checking out on google.

Alright. 10 hours too much? Try and stick to at least 8 hours of Sleep per day. You can also split it to about 2 hours during the day for Siesta and the rest 6 hours during the night. But the downside of this for me is that I find it hard getting myself to sleep at night after sleeping during the day. So I just stick to Night Sleep only most times and take short eye-closed rests during the day.

How many hours do you sleep per day? Let us know in the comments!

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