Monday, November 5, 2012

Encouraging myself

What's up buddy

The times have been turning for Good for me of late. As it is being said, the darkest hour of the night is the one just before the new Dawn. So I really believe I'll overcome every trouble I'm currently facing right now.

Have you also heard that every time you ask the Police to comment on a very serious problem facing them, they always end their talk with " We are On Top of The Situation"
That makes me confident- I'm totally ahead of the Game! What stops me from excelling? NOTHING!
What stops me from making it to the top? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So why am I downcasted and sad? Why should my soul be weary, why should I be scared of tomorrow when I know Him who Holds my Tomorrow?

The birds of the air don't plant and they don't die of hunger. The lilies of the valley don't buy clothes and they are always beautifully decorated. I'm an Human Being, made in the Creator's Image, why should I be scared for what I'll wear or Eat? Why Should Money put my mind to work only to worry. Money SHALL be my Slave! And not my Master.

I've learnt to look back everytime problem knocks and remember that other problems have come and gone! So the ones around me now are also here to Pass! They are not here to stay. Not even when it seems like they'll continually beat me down. I'll stand up and Face my Problems, I'll not try to ignore them or pretend as if they don't exist. I'll fight them one after the other. I'll take a step at a time and By His Grace, I Shall Win this Battle! And at the very end shout the final Order- THE BATTLE IS OVER!

And the real Fight back Starts Now!

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