Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Increase your site's Traffic easily

Hey Bloggers! How has it been? Tough or Easy?

I want to really believe it's a mixture of both.

Today, let's talk about How to Increase your Pageviews which can automatically increase the number of clicks. But mind you- it may not increase your clicks.

Now to the main business, let me make it straight forward- Traffic flows from
>Forums- , , , , , etc..,
>Social media Networks e.g. , , , google plus etc,
>Questions and answer sites e.g.,
>Directories- ,
>Url submission to Search engines like
>Commentluv backlink commenting on blogs related to your niche and of high Page Rank- e.g. Nigerian - , , , internet marketing- , etc
>Article directories like , etc.,
>Youtube videos,
>Email campaigns,
>Paid to click sites etc..

Get serious with those stuffs and you'll probably notice a 200 percent increase in traffic to your blog.
You can get more about Traffic @ . That's one of those of my start up blogs when I started blogging..

Before I go on, which niche are you- what are you blogging about? That determines how traffic flows to your site too. A blog tied with a popular stuff like ArsenalFans, mp3news, Obama, University of Lagos etc, like my will easily get attention cos of the already popular brand involved.

So as not to make it too long, let me pause here and we'll continue later on....

From your Guy,

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