Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogging for Cash- Health Niche

Blogging for cash.
One main niche most bloggers readily go for to make cash is.....
Health Niche!

Guys are making money in this area. You can check warriorforum to confirm. But I'll advise you- your traffic should not be mainly from African side o. Na those Americans you go target with keywords such as
-Weight loss,
health tips,
body building,
sexual health,
skin diseases,
health insurance, surgical operation,
giving birth,
pregnancy pills etc.

It's time to make some cash!

But don't say I didn't tell you- this niche requires maximum Research.,.,., and advertisement to the Right sides. But the returns are good. You can easily find good affiliate products for it on, amazon, and others. Even the pay per click on Adsense makes Sense!

Off to create a new health blog!
Watch me do it or join me!

You can check it out here-

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