Friday, October 26, 2012

How to post to your blogspot blog using mobile phone through email

Is it possible?
Yes! It is. In fact, that's what I'm using to get this post on this blog .

Before, when google was still liberal with most browsers' interface- it was quite easy to Post to your blog on the Blogger blogspot platform via mobile using browsers like Opera mini, Ucweb, and bolt. But since bolt went off the reach of masses and Google started removing its support from a lot of browsers, especially old versions of Mozilla, internet explorer and others and on mobile- the browsers that come with a normal Java phone which most people use- Opera mini series. Now Google tries to get everyone to download Chrome, join googleplus, and get a account. And as a blogger, you're expected to also have adsense, adwords, analytics, apps, and webmasters account, and to make posting of media easy for you- you'll need Picasa and Youtube accounts as well and the favourite place to be is in google groups while playing on google play, buying on googletrader, and searching on the Almighty Google Search Engine! Isn't this a monopoly of the Internet
world?. But, it's a good thing because all these Google products are good stuffs as google usually maintains best practices with all it's product. That's why I love Google! Very soon, I'll bring the justle and hustle between Google and Facebook to your full notice. It has been on now for about a year and I remember vividly that it has always been a source of disagreement between an online Marketing Colleague and I. And- I support Google!

Sorry for all those Googlers' ranting. Let's go back to what brought us here in the first place- remember- I'm posting this post via mobile by sending an email to post on my blog and I'm here to help you learn how to do just the same. So let's move on.

Posting is the main soul of your blog- a blog without reasonable posts is a dead blog! But there are some issues that hinder posting and those are the Issues I'm currently trashing. Like just of recent- I told you how to overcome the writers block and rally out ideas for posts on your blog. And today, it's about how you can post to your blog simply via that simple java phones that's got just any browser either supported or not by Google blogger interface.

Now the deal, it's simple. Blogger did a good thing by allowing email to post function. It's out there at the settings area.
1. Just log into your dashboard,
2. click on the blog that you want to enable the function on.
3. Click on Settings.
4. Under settings, you'll see mobile and email, click on it.
5. There'll be an option for you type in your secret word in a space between your email first part and like this johnwalker.[secret word] . You can now type in an easy to remember secret word into the space- make sure the secret word is short like 4 characters is enough. E.g.

6. Now, save it and you can now set it to either post automatically when you send an email to that new address or leave in the draft for you to make corrections on later.
7. Go to your email box, add that your new email as a new contact with the name of the blog- for example My Health blog.

And yippy! You can now make your post by composing an email with the subject as the Topic of the post and the body as the full post itself. You're also allowed to upload pictures and other attachments on it. Just check the full functionality on .

Thank you!
Please don't forget to share to fellow bloggers and friends who you think will be interested.

To Our Success as Bloggers!


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