Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I need money man! Fast!

O yeah men!
I need cash, I mean cool cash! And it's not as if I don't know how to, but it just seems like money is not flowing yet but I need Money Now!

Do you make money anyhow as a student or you're in business? Please share your ways of making money in the comments. I'd like to try them out fast!

Some ways by which I could make money are
1. Bulk sms stuff- helping people to send bulk customised messages. All I need is clients! But most people already know how to do it themselves for very cheap prices- and that's bad business. So it's not working for me now as before.

2. Sales Referral- this is a good way to make money anyhow anywhere! It's simple- direct a seller to a buyer and get paid as the middleman. Is that not simple enough? Yeah, but where do you get the buyers and the sellers? Some affilate programs exists online but many a times, my Country Nigeria- which I'm proud of actually- has been blacklisted on most of the best like www.clickbank.com , but www.amazon.com is still working, but bro I've gat no laptop or desktop computer to get real serious with it! Can you give me your used one for free, then tell me- I'll be glad to get it! Just send an email to my box and I'll simply send my details to you. I've learnt about this business of referrals but I've only been able to refer few offline as I'm busy and I don't chat too much with my colleagues- which I'll start this semester- yeah- to make me some cool cash! Yuppy!
That of online is so easy- but Nigerians don't usually buy goods online so to make money here, I'll have to sell to non African continental dudes and babes- Which I'll figure out soon- I'll start joining chatrooms to get them as friends and know what they want. O yeah- for cool cash! Hello Benjamin!

3. Monetised Blogging- Yes man! I'm a blogger and I'm proud to be one! But seems like I've not gotten the adsense code yet. But I'll start monetising through other means- just let my blog brand be strong enough- when I say strong- I mean when I hit 50 posts! Shalalalala! Wondering how- I'll add Amazon products, join paid to post programs, sell advert spaces, add affiliate links and get more traffic for all of them- what of content? Oh, worry not about that! It's all settled- this is a junk Page for Oyedele remember?

4. Buying and Selling- this is so explanatory on it own- but let me tell you how I'll know what to sell and where to get them. Many guys in my country like nice computers and accessories- and also mobile stuffs- I'll get them from Aliexpress.com for cheap prices after communicating with my sellers, paying with my card and getting it shipped free most times to my place directly then I'll sell stuffs like MP3, memory cards, headphones, laptop notebooks, desktops, flashdrives, etc. Hope you get the gist?
But I need money for this too and you can help out- just contact me for a Joint Venture business! You'd be glad you did.

5. Selling hand-outs- this won't probably work in my university but come, it might work in yours! Type out and print well explained and highly researched popular courses' topics like Organic Chemistry in Chemistry. I'm an Industrial Chemist and I'm gonna start blogging on my line with my notes! Hehehe! No copyrights man! This is a OyedeleJunk.blogspot.com !

6. Web designs- Yeah man, I could design some websites for you if you want. Especially if you need a blog! I own and personally designed www.uniloringist.com so trust me. Even though I might be an amateur but I'll be giving such a good job for such a cheap price- like design a blog for $15! Come on, you know that's cheap! Just tell me if you need one.

7. I'm gonna learn more! And that's the only true way to CONTINUE making cash. I want to learn some new stuff- like I'm already learning Photography now, I want to learn Graphics design, seems like it pulls cashcart too!

And I'll tell you the rest later- My fingers are telling me to rest from from Nokia C1-01 keypad. Yeah, I'm blogging on phone through Opera mini! Like to do same? Let me teach you- next time!

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