Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chocolate related to Love Feelings?

O yes!
Chocolate- that brown coloured sweet bar that you love roaming your tongue with, that sparkling rounded bar that makes you feel tingly is actually related to love feelings!

I just found that out now from a confirmed source but I'm not gonna spoil you Lover, I'm gonna ask you to please go straight to google and type in your query (^_^).

That doesn't mean that I've never thought of that before! I've actually been a lover of Chocolates too. It's such an easy food for all dumbasses like one of my friends who got me addicted to it- yeah, I have to admit it- even though I'm not too sure of anything called "chocolate addiction", but now I can't get myself to sleep without a bar of chocolates! Hiups!

But come on boy, who can resist the taste of Chocolate- it's smell alone is so so Inviting and it drives a lot of people crazy. Plus- it gives energy fast as it contains Glucose- I'm not too sure of that actually, but it's sweet man!

So, now how does this info benefit you now-

it actually does in two ways-
1. You can now easily induce a Love Feeling into that Guy or Girl that you want just by offering a single Bar of Chocolate! And it lasts I tell you- this cheap Love Potion lasts!

2. You now know that you need to be careful about from whom and where you take chocolates! Lolp. You don't know if such a person have come across this post before! Ha ah! Yummy!

Now that you know, get me a bar of Chocolates and I'm in Love with You! Yummy!

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