Thursday, October 11, 2012

To my fellow bloggers

Good morning bloggers. I noticed a trend which is not too good- most bloggers from Nigeria either belong to the News and Entertainment niche or the Tech, make money online niche.

That's not the best brothers and Sisters! Check adwords for bids on Tech niche and you'll find it so low, and that means you get little with your efforts. Moreover- many a times, the same content that has been in circulation all these years get reproduced on most of those blogs all in the name of CONTENT.

I know it's not easy venturing into a new niche but let me give some tips on how to get a niche to go into. (these are my own plan for this month ni o)

1. Many of us are students or graduates- what did you study in school? Start a blog on it and you'll be regarded as a Professional! It'll be easy if you've been a good student. Your notes will do a lot for the content! And adsense for that area can be quite sensible.

2. Also, research! When you research, you get new ideas to blog on. Many niches are out there that are practically unfilled unlike those niche we do venture into. We need to smarten us! Look at for such- for example, one of the big adsense earners is . And it's all about dog! Why not go into something like How To kill your Rats! Lolp. But seriously Nigerians are smarter than what we are doing with Blogging. Let's do more for our Nation's reputation! We can bring out totally new niches! It's not everytime that all bloggers must make a little problem become too big like that of the subsidy issue- now after bloggers and news men made it big- it was STILL later removed and Nigerians are now quiet about it. Another example is that of Davido's parole with the Taxi driver- what came up after that? And bloggers made it seem like a huge mountain all because of CONTENT- TRAFFIC. It's not good enough brothers- let's change.

3. And lastly, Blogging is not the only Occupation online! There are a lot of services you can render out there and get paid better than what adsense offers. Look at Akin Alabi, the Guru. He's now into Sports Betting. And I can tell you that his blog is not what's supporting him for now- it's the Nairabet! Such initiatives are not far fetched from Nigerians! Bring it out! It's in you!

Now, which niches can you venture into? Let's hear you in the comments!

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