Friday, October 26, 2012

Some things I've learnt in Life

During my few years on Earth, I've learnt some lessons which you might or might not have learnt. But I believe you'll benefit from it all the same. Even Psychologists confirms that the brain accepts what it listens to over and over again as Truth and Acts on it.
The stuffs below are my own personal beliefs- and I don't intend you to make believe me or not. All I want is to let you know. As someone rightly said- You're entitled to your own beliefs but not your own Set of Facts. Facts are general, Beliefs are personal.

Now let's go.

1. I've learnt to let things work out themselves after I've tried my best. Life is a hard knocker- but also it makes it own arrangements too. Or haven't you wondered why somethings would not work when you struggle for them- but when you just ignore them, things just seem to work together to make it happen. Take for example- there was a guy who while working in a reputable company wanted to build a house. He had all the necessary financial capability and time to do it but it just seem to slip by his hands, in fact, he bought a piece of land only for it to be taken over by the government. Then one thing led to another and he had to secure a job somewhere else with lower pay. But at his new working place, he joined a Thrift society and by the time He was to reap his share, a friend just brought an offer to buy a semi completed building to him and that was it- now he's a landlord.
So, when you're kicking at a door expecting it to open and it refuses- leave it alone, relax,- it might be Timed. What shall be Shall be.

2. There's a reason for everything but you don't have give a reason for everything.
Mistakes are meant to be made for growth not so that they can be placed as blame on others. Learn from your mistakes. Reasonable people don't give Reasons, they Simply Reason and learn to move forward while learning from the past.
Also, when good or bad things happen, you don't have to know why- you only need to keep doing what you're doing right, improve what you're not doing enough and quit what you're doing wrongly.

3. Nobody, Nothing is Indispensable! The indispensability theory is a big lie! Don't ever feel too important to ignore some people or places because you think if you're not there things won't work. It's a lie! I've been there and I left. I've been involved in organisations where I rose to high profile and held important positions and Because of that I thought if I'm not around things won't work. I discovered that everyone is on the look out for only themselves and Not the Number one! Everyone wants to be a number one, so why look out for another while you can concentrate on being one? So, even if you're the current Champion- you'll soon be history and the Barrack outlives the Soldier. One Leader that recognises this important fact is Mandela of South Africa- one of the best Presidents in Africa ever and he left office for others to do it. But look at Gaddafi of Libya, thinking he was the only one that can do it led to his shameful and tragedic death.

4. Change is the only constant thing in Life, aim always to change. Be contented with what you have while working for what you want- remember, a happy life is yours only when your mind is free of worries and troubles. Don't saddle up yourself with trivial stuffs. Not everything that matters Matters! Not all that glitter are gold. It may seem as if but it won't always be. Seek the more important Things first and then prioritize. Setting priority comes only after the Most important stuffs are outlined. Don't always stick to a plan- always plan to develop new plans as you go. The best of people are those who know exactly what they want and forge straight ahead to take the bull by the horn. If Life gives you Shit- use it as manure! Don't ignore anyone, you don't know who might be useful for what, when or where.

More to come from me. I just hope you come back for more

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