Friday, October 26, 2012

Overcoming Writers' Block with Topic Ideas for a Blogger in the Technology Niche.

If you're a blogger- especially one without full access to a working internet connection, you might have found out that there are just sometimes that you have a lot of ideas to write on but no connection to upload them- that's saddening, but another side that is even more devastating is when you finally get a full access but with limited time and you just experience what we call- WRITERS BLOCK. It's so so painful- it just seems like your brain goes blank! Even though you had ideas- many a times they'll all just refuse to make sense to your writing Pen. If that's your case then try the methods below and you'll be amazed with the results!
The reason why I'm writing this is because I've experienced it too and I know how it feels. You can check out my other currently non functioning blogs- which are so due to "NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT" But I went out to research about it and I found the lasting solutions to it and here I'm giving you in economised details- if you want the full details- send your name, url of your blog- (if you have one) and the niche to my email- . With that, I'll be able to explain to you how to overcome it in your own situation and even generate at least 10 topics for you to write on with traffic pulling keywords to your blog. But Mind you- it's not fully free, considering the fact that you're not willing to spend much- I'll make it cheap for you. But feast on the Tech niche sample below and then tell me what you think.

<b><h4>Ways to overcome Writers' block. </h4></b>

1. Write down those Ideas when they come!

Yeah, write them down. There are times when something like a spirit of Ideas will just come over you- write them down as they come, don't just enjoy the temporary euphoria. Then you can refer to them later on. Get more on how to bring that Spirit down and how to jot effectively when you request for the book.

2. Read more, Write More!

When you read related blogs and articles in your niche, you get more ideas on what to write on. Where to get what you need to read and how to develop points from them- comes up in the book.

3. Think like a reader, Write like a Blogger.

This is where the main work is. The problem of bloggers is that we don't visualise our blog as something to read- we see it as a place to write- so we have problems because we're not thinking- what do I want to read on a blog like mine? If you can do just that- you'll find out a lot of stuffs to write about because you've gotten more you want to Read!

The rest of the points will be shared in the book. But just before I leave you to decide- let me share the following topics to write on in a Tech Blog niche.


10 ways to use your flash drive properly.

Trouble shooting a desktop computer.

The latest Ipad and it's features.

Why I love HP products and why you should too.

Why the blackberry may not be the best option for you.

Blogger in Draft, the Pros and Cons.

Simple Wordpress Errors and their solutions.

How to choose a niche before you start your new blog.

10 forums you should visit often and why.

Before you buy that fairly used laptop- features to consider and how to check.

The fight between Google and Facebook, who do you support?

How to use your Yahoo! to maximum benefit.

Want to translate that document Fast? How to do it.

How to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

10 compulsory tools for a Blogger- why and where to get them.
( )
Blogger Widgets you're ignoring that could bring you more traffic.

How to repair your Electronic appliances yourself.

10 reasons why you need to upgrade your laptop's Internal memory and how.

Nice Applications to use for Photo editing and where to download them.

Why I prefer X antivirus software to Y and why.

And many more like that.

That book is yours with only an email away!

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