Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who is Oyedele Samuel to you?

I'm confused gan about my self. Am I an Industrial Chemist or a CEO? Or a friend or a Christian, or am I just that funny guy? Maybe I'm just that student or that dirty unkempt boy who never cares about his appearance. Maybe to you I'm Samuel, that poor boy with an abstract mentality of sensibility who doesn't even know how to call? Or to you I'm that friend- that emergency friend whose 911 number will always be available in time of trouble and yep, he'll do just justice. Or you think I'm that Brilliant Intelligent guy who's gat the answers to your questions but never enough answers to his own. Maybe to you I'm that guy that appears always too busy to notice you in your own corner. I'm sorry but that's just a part. And if you think Samuel is that emotionally detached guy who's got no heart, Thanks, at least you have an idea.
It's so confusing trying to put together the pieces to see who the Real me is. It's just...... A big Jig saw puzzle. What part do you hold on to? Who am I to you?

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