Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just before you start blogging

Hi friend,

How are you doing? Hope it's making sense, just feeling bored and decided to write you man. And I'm thinking, what can I offer you today to brighten up your day, what's that problem that constantly puts you off that I have the solution to? As in, how can I help you?

So, I decided to help some of those guys that have always wanted a blog, free and beautifully designed. I have decided to help you learn how to Do-It-Yourself. So let's go.

What's a blog for Blogging sake?
Yeah! What's a blog, a blog is simply a short form of WEB-LOG- meaning a space on the world wide web where you can have your say, speak out your mind and share information about any topic you like and can discuss online.

A blog is a log of info, coming from a person or group of persons to share news, information about a subject, an interest or an object to a special group of people or the whole world.
A blog is not- a space for you to make money! Yeah! Simple truth. It wasn't made for you to make money, it was made for you to make impact.

A blog is not a space given to you just to play around and leave empty, it's like a newspaper column given to you to update people- think of it, do you see a newspaper column that's left blank because the owner is too busy to update? NO! Instantly, the space is given out to others who are ready to UPDATE THAT COLUMN! I hope you're getting what a blog really means.

A blog is not also given to you so that you can brag about it to others and be called a blogger, NO. It's not given to you to turn to a marketplace, NO. All these that people use blogging for are simply second function- it's all a SHIFT from the original reason why you're given a blog. Don't be confused, you may decide to use your blog space for other stuffs- but the main reason for you being given a space online is to reach out to others in your own little way. Give others that gift you have through blogging. Check the best blog around- you'll see that the main reason they stay at the top is because they have something continuous to offer to a large number of people. You do too! Give it out!

Now, to the real deal. Do you need a blog? Can you write on your passion, be it dancing, exercising, medicine, music, news, designing, relationships, arts, science, technology, etc, continuously without pay? If you can't, please don't blog.
Simply because you'll soon leave that blog and forget about it! And that's because you may not actually gain from blogging as much as as being portrayed to you by all this online marketers claiming to make millions from Blogging- sorry, it's so rare to find such and it's not easy too!
If you think blogging is easy as they say, try writing out 25 articles withing 2 weeks on the same niche or area without doing copy and paste from anywhere.

Now, how do you own a blog?

Since you now know what a blog is and what it's not, I'm sure you've made your decision. If you want to continue blogging, fine. Head over to or and create account. Or search for the word- blogging on google, and just choose your preference. All I wanted to do is to let you into the real truth of the BLOGOSPHERE.

But, just before you think Blogging is not good at all, believe me, there's something you don't know about it that you'll discover as soon as you follow my advice- don't blog for cash, blog for impact. I won't tell you, I'll like to hear it from you in the comments. Feel free!

Love you!!!

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