Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Problem of Yahoo Mail not login in solution.

It's been sometime now that the most popular online free Mail website- Yahoo!mail has been having serious problems. Nothing seems to be working on the site and it's so frustrating that people are seriously complaining.

The main notable problem is that you can't login to your mail account and new users can't create account. This problem has been on-going for a while now and has really affected business both for the heavily crowded day to day Online users world and the new ones just joining them.

But while trying to login to my account too, I found the simple solution to the problem and it's really easy to do. Some people might have loved to make business out of this help-help situation but I'm giving you free for coming around. It's not an ebook you have to download or a secret link you have to go to. It's so dead simple that you'll probably give yourself a knock for not thinking of this earlier.

So, let's go.

1st step- login to either your Facebook or your Google account that you registered with the email in question.

2nd step- Open the yahoomail.com website. Don't type in anything.

3rd step- You'll see two links above the login Space- one is for Facebook and the other is for Google, just click on anyone that you've login to on that same browser.

4th step- it'll bring a pop up window or tab. Check in to it. If you have already linked both account together before, it'll automatically login to your Yahoo! Mail account. But if you've not linked them together before, you'll prompted to do that by entering your password again onto that pop up window already bearing your email address.

That's it! You're free to go.

You can help your friends facing the same situation by sharing this page on your facebook wall or Google+ and tweeting it out. Thanks so much for visiting.

Your friend,
Oyedele Shoppers.

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