Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Looking up

I'm feeling serious pain at the back of my neck right now. I just discovered the pain yesterday as I bent down to write where I'm working now. It's so severe that I can't look down for long.

But something happened this morning as I was taking my bath and I was again feeling the pain- something just whispered in my Ears- maybe it's because you've been looking down for long and you've forgotten to LOOK UP. And it's true! The pain actually is due to the fact most of the things I do now- I do them while standing and I have to bend my neck down to write, read, and do a lot of other things.

It's the same with Human life. When all you do is done while looking down and you forget to Look Up to God, you'll soon start worrying about a lot of unnecessary things. It's normal for Humans to look down most times but it's also necessary that we look up. Many problems that we have now is not because there's no solution to it- it's simply because we refuse to Look up to where Our help comes from.

Don't kill yourself trying to win a battle already won. Jesus told us that there will be problems but He followed that by Telling us to Cheer up! Why? Because He has overcomed the world. And that's it. You only need to acknowledge the fact that the battle is already won and you'll find rest for your soul.

Cheer up! Look up to your Solution!

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