Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let's play again friends

Hey pals,

I was checking up on myself using google and I discovered that this blog features me up better than most of my other blogs. I did enjoy all those good old days of ranting once in a while here on my personal junks.

I miss ranting and "junking". Yeah, believe me, most people's character gets formed by a lot of sharply contrasting and sometimes entirely different parts. Putting up all those parts together on one blog is most times discouraged. We live in a world of "focus". Happily, this is my personal page, for me and myself mostly just to keep track of my madness and creativity at the same time.

I welcome you to the playground of my mind. From now, I want you join you in seeing some old issues in new light. I'm inviting you to sit down here with me in my mind, think my thoughts, share my ideas and play my games. I should warn you though; the Samuel you know offline might be a lot different from what you have here. Don't expect any semblance though you might get some.

Please note:
I am solely entitled to my final interpretation of what I post here. You are also free to have your own interpretation. You are free to comment, discuss and compliment.

You are welcome to a fresh session of games.

Let's play again.

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