Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things you can do to increase your traffic for free

Happy Valentine!
How's Blogging and today's celebration?

Today, I'll like to discuss with you on how to increase your blog's traffic. Traffic brings cash- end of story. I'm sure you know that already. So let's go straight to how to increase your blog's traffic without using the paid methods like-
- Pay-per-click programs
- Facebook ads
- Google Adwords
- Other ads services etc.

For new blogs, paid options might not always be the preferable option due to limited funds. But that does not say you shouldn't still get traffic.

There are simple techniques of doing that which I use and I tell you- they work. In fact, if done enough, they can be almost as effective as the paid options.

Now let's start.

1. Sharing on social media. You can use Facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin etc to bring in traffic to your blog. Also, social bookmarking sites like , , and so on can be used too. It'll be cool to share your blogs on such platforms but also allow others to do so by adding the sharing option to your pages. Just add the widget in the blogger layout- or google it- you can be sure of at least 100 percent increase in traffic if just newly implemented.

2. Use Pinging sites like . Pinging sites tell Search engines like , , and that you now have new content on your blog. Use them immediately you create a new post- this brings in more organic traffic- that's traffic from search engines.

Implement these two and tell me the results first then we'll move on to the rest.

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