Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My New Direction in the blogging line

Yesterday, I was about writing a post and my Spirit just stopped me and said- "Stop writing any blog post until you know who you writing to." I was shocked. I have read about the fact that a blog needs a targeted audience for effectiveness but I had completely ignored it. I never defined who I wanted my blog to address. It was just like writing a letter addressed to "Everybody"- such letters only get across to "Nobody"!

So, today- I'm finally defining who I'm addressing my Posts on this blog to. The person who I intend to get across to with this my blog is that young guy who is just starting a new blog and needs information about all what he needs to do concerning it. And plus, he's a young guy who's either a student or a graduate. He's educated but wants to make money through blogging. Also he's ambitious but needs focus. The guy also has limited resources but is seeking to expand his horizons. Mainly now. This blog is designed and hosted on the Blogger.com Network and so I expect him also to be on the blogger network. But occasionally I can post tips about other platforms such as typepad.com wordpress.org and others.

Thank you for following this blog all the while we had no direction, but now- we have a defined path and that is to impact Our Defined Young Guy's life.


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