Friday, February 1, 2013

Make money via E- Textbook.

It's always a good thing to find new information. It's even better to share it. Today, I want to share with you a way through which you can make money online while being a student of an higher institution.

It's simple, but it requires some stuffs, among which are-
- Laptop.
- External Hard Disk or good Memory.
- Internet Connection.
- Empty or unused Disks.

The Business I'm talking about is one which can fetch you hundreds of Dollars or thousands of naira per month. It's very lucrative only if you know how to go about it.
The Business is about Selling E- Textbook in school. E- Textbook or Textbook in Ebook or .pdf format.

Many textbooks are already out online in Ebook format and can easily be accessed and downloaded just by searching at the right places or Asking Google.

Textbooks which are sold for up to #5k can now be downloaded for free on websites such as That's business for you! Download relevant Textbooks to your Laptop and package it very well into empty Discs and sell it for like #200 or higher. It depends on you and the environment you find yourself.

You might be thinking- but everyone knows that- it's only a thought, confirm from one of your course mate and you'll be suprised to find out that they don't know. If they do, they are too lazy or too busy to do that. As a chemist, Organic Chemistry Textbooks in book formats sell for about #3k but I have 3 different ones on my laptop for free! And best of all, people get it from me and that is business.

So now, forget about the story.

Bring out your laptop>
Type the Name of that textbook + the author's name + edition + .pdf into Google>
Click to Download>>
Save to your Laptop Hard drive>>
Burn to Some Empty Discs>>
Package very well>>
Market to fellow Students-----

if you like, give them free or collect money. Na OnYourOwn you dey.

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