Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Recieving Law of the Universe

Have you ever wanted some amount of money urgently and you got it? Or maybe you didn't? Do you think it was coincidence? Or just pure luck?

Today, we're gonna uncover some truths about Recieving. We shall discover that nothing comes by shear luck or coincidence.

When the universe was fully made, everything needed was present in it as prepared by the Creator of the Universe. Even the Bible says that- After God had created everything, He looked at it and saw that everything in it was good! Or better still, it was Perfect! Remember, everything made was made in succession so that whatever will be needed by a group was made available before the making of such group- now, do you think it's shear luck or Coincidence that Man was the last creation of God? No, it was part of the original plan of God.
Do you even know the best part? After God made man, he breathe in him the breath of Life, and Man became a living being AND then God gave him DOMINION OVER ALL THINGS that were created before him! Isn't that wonderful? We're in Charge here! Not the Evil ones, not the Supernatural ones, We, the Humans, created in the Likeness of God, adorned with Glory and given all dominion over all other creations are the Ones in Charge! Wow!

So, how does that affect how we recieve anything? How does it bring food to your table?

1. Believe that everything you need in this Universe is Present in it. They don't spend the money you need in heaven, do they? It's here on earth! Do you need food? I've not heard of importation of yam or Rice from Heaven- it's all here on earth! All you first need to do is- Believe that everything you need is present here in the Universe.

2. Everything made was made for your convenience. Remember that in the analogy of creation, trees which are used in making paper used in making money was created before you- it's for your convenience! All animals and all food crops were made before you too! Don't cheat yourself- they are all for you.

3. Know that You are in charge. Not only were those things made for you, you are in charge of them. God Himself, the Creator of the whole universe gave you full authority and dominion over all other creations, so as long as what you want has been created- it's under your jurisdiction. You rule over it. This fact is what those who tame animals go along with. Every animal was subject to humans and so, even poisonous snakes have been tamed by humans who know their right. Know yours- you're in charge.

4. Make your request and the universe shall supply. Now that you know that the Universe contains all you need and everything was made for you and put under your control, now all you need is ASK for it. It's an established fact that those who Ask- recieves. If you don't ask you won't recieve. Take the story of the Prodigal son for example. All the prodigal son did was Ask and his father gave him his share of the inheritance. Even though he squandered it, he got it- and that's because he *asked* for it. His elder brother who got angry with their father when the younger one came back and asked to be taken back was rebuked by the father, the Father told him- Son, everything I have belongs to you, have you asked for one thing and I refused you?

This story is particularly representing many people in the world. We don't ask, we don't recieve and yet we complain.

Ask today!

Have you tried this before? Share your experience.

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