Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lies- Tinubu withdraws financial support for APC

I just read on Nairaland now of a's post claiming that APC's chief Tinubu has stopped financially supporting the party due to some funny reasons based on his humiliation by the party chairman Oyegun.

That story is most likely a made-up story to make you believe that Tinubu is the one financing APC all these while. That is a blatant lie. The story has a particular objective and that is to make us believe that the President is not spending our money on the party. We are not babies.

I can assure you that APC's account as a party will still be as green as Arsenal's football field. Where are the war chests of dollars brought by Contestants during Primaries. So you mean Atiku is no longer supporting APC? Or Bukola Saraki is no longer in the party along with our VP Osinbajo with all those members of the Senate and House of representatives from APC.

I thought they are all supposed to make returns in form of financial commitment to the development and uplifting of the party. If you read the story properly, it was fabricated in such a way to make us believe that Tinubu's withdrawal of financial support is already hitting hard on the party secretariat in Abuja only giving us the excuse of them owing Abuja Electricity Distribution Company about 1.7 miilion naira and that they have just paid 500,000 naira.

Let's stop fooling ourselves; how many organisations forget to pay up EDC's and yet continue to be supplied electricity based on the fear of "connections"? So you assume in your wonderful mind that AEDC will disconnect the National Headquarters for the party of the incumbent president? Please reason about it again.

Lai Mohammed is going about scheming things for the government with a stolen chant just like they have been doing ever since. Change can only begin when the Presidency stop masking things with clouds of smoke.

Dear APC, you are now in power. We agree that lies brought you into power but please stop lying. If everyone fell for these, I won't.

Lemme quickly predict a few things that may soon follow this news or story.
- Tinubu should get ready for probe. So you mean he has been sponsoring APC all alone since 2014 when the elections were over? Chai, that must be a lot of money.

-APC will most likely distance themselves from the news if it gets out of hands. By that I mean, if Tinubu threatens the presidency based on this. Remember, Osinbajo remains the VP and Fashola the most powerful Minister after Buhari himself.

-The Nations Newspaper will carry a damaging story concerning the Presidency or APC as a whole or against on top official (most likely Oyegun or Amaechi) very soon.

-Let's watch as the drama unfolds.

You have no right to believe everything said here. Make your own findings.

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