Friday, November 18, 2016

In Memory of Department of Corrections

Dear Department of Correction guys,
Oyinloye Oluwashola Abolarin Tomisin Joshua Emeka Samuel Onyekwere Philip Emmanuel Isaiah Timmy Duntoye Oluwashina, Pius, Storm, Abimbola Olusoji Johnson, Olaoti Yimika Otunola, and all whose names I might not have mentioned here that once upon a time passed through DoC: very importantly the ladies and the baes and all our wonderful neighbors especially Baba not forgetting all our loyal friends.

We've been through thick and thin. We've been through surplus and lack. We've been through war and love. We've been though times and season and I dare say; we won!

We might had our shortcomings and longcomings. We might made irreparable mistakes. The fact remains that the journey and the process of our becoming were sweeter than what we can just overlook in the history of each of our lives. The adventures, the thrill of trying it out, the satisfaction that comes from executing sometimes "evil" plans, the pain that comes from failures and the excitement that comes from achievements, all these we enjoyed... together.

The bond of our oneness has been tested and tried through various degrees of straining circumstances. Our Unity has been threatened by our inherently defiant natures itself. It all made us stronger and made the "us" stronger too.

You are never permitted to do anything alone in Department of Corrections. You can not eat alone, drink alone, laugh alone, watch films or use your system or phone alone, smile alone, enjoy alone, cry alone, be sad alone, dance alone, sing alone or play alone. Damn it, you are not even permitted to date your bae alone, she's "our" bae. You can never be alone in your fight, never alone with your thoughts, never alone in your plans and sure never alone in the executions. If there was one thing to do, you don't need to look back, guys are behind you solidly. Don't worry about whether it's right or wrong, we will discuss that later. Just don't enjoy this moment alone.

Guys, from us, I've learned not humility but equality. I've learned not how to love but what love truly means. It is never enough to share if you are not sharing more than you can. You guys are amazing. You guys are awesome.

Every single day away from "home" makes my heart grow fonder of those sweet moments... Sweet moments.... Sweet sweet moments. The early morning fights for water, puffpuff and bathroom space. The late evening sit-outs by the roadside discussing any mad issue that comes along. The thrill of just letting out steam through loud cries and shouts.... I just pity our Baba again sha. That man really tried. Now I get why he was always so angry with us yet cherished us.

"Nobody knows tomorrow, Only Eledumare".

I'm glad I met wonderful talents in persons of you guys. Emeka and Shina the dancers, Pius too brain ignite. Pastor Shola, Teejhay, Saintolar the wonderful musical crew. Philips, the great schemer and businessman, so wonderful in bringing ideas to reality.

Coach Soji who won medals while in school as both a coach and a player; talk about greatness in the making. Coach Abimbola, your life is an enigma, ma worry, them no fit understand. They don't believe in you now, they will form familiarity later. If there is anything I'm grateful forever for, it is meeting Idowu Olu through you. Never shy, always ready to attack. My religionist, dark arts ti take over... My astute businessman, it will all pay off in the end. Just keep at it.

Teejhay, my padi, the photoshop guru who took me on my first steps in Photography and photo editing; this is a wonderful planner when it comes to events and planning surprises. My journey with these shooting stars started with you bro. All the way back to C&S college. Resilient, tough, unyielding, brainy, quick, smart, always quick to build up the gang, mustering strength from grouping. A leader, an inspiration. You are a living photoshopped picture of Joshua. Always fighting wars, conquering territories, yet courageous to the bones. A daring friend and companion like him can make you get to the extra mile you never imagined. Nations will celebrate you, men will honour you, your life will shine brightly like the glow effect in photoshop. I don't need to tell you this but Tomisin, don't give up. The path ahead will lead you to greatness, I'm so sure of it.

Emeka, the silent powermonger; I'm yet to meet another guy who can so well predict ladies' acts with so many amazing plans for "just a date". A literary warrior with so many lovely articulate s-words to his arsenal. Your silent skill in dealing with giants and taming lions and befriending wolves while gently building up strength is something else. Everyone has something to learn from you. I've seen you smile, I've seen you dance, I've seen you act, I've seen you skate, I've heard and seen you sing, I've seen you angry, I've seen you mad, I've seen you cry, only that I'm yet to see you act stupid. Our Michael Jackson, Always with plans to execute. A guy who's got the back of anyone anytime anywhere. Always with a way out. Always with a helping hand. I'm sure I will see you flying one day. You deserve the wings.

Storm, though relatively new have been able to clearly put it to my face; business plans are a dime a dozen. Executing them is what counts and what pays. Now I know the mark of true friendship, being able to sleep beside a person who can't sleep without listening to some eerie music... eeew. I guess the way ahead of us is long enough.

Shina; my very wonderful former enemy. Can a guy argue better than you do? Always armed with facts, figures and files. Your level of reasoning and awesome creativity is 1 light year ahead of those who belittle you. Wonderful artist, smart composer, sharp dancer, streetly skater; words will fail me to explicate you to yourself. Very consistent, with the longest standing sweet relationship. You deserve the love you get. Though very crazy, I still love your ways bro. I still wish to learn some self-loving from you.

Pius Pius. Nwafor, my brother. Hmmm, very dangerous, very very very dangerous. Very artistic, with that tingling singing sound coming from those trained throats. Slayer of Theokoles, You are highly favoured. Your ways always very unique yet surprisingly effective. We can argue all day long about how to do it right and not do it at all but you, You don't need to do it right but you still do it anyways and get the deserved desired results. Though, I still want to knack some silence into you during those long sweet night calls of yours, I learned from them. Keep up the good works, it will work out.

Saintolar; my padi from primary school through secondary school and still here. Your current trail of success is due to one thing and one thing alone.... You always seek avenues to get better. I've never seen you stay on the same spot year-on-year. Keep going at it. The future holds something surprising for you. like the 3 wise men from the east, we have seen your star from a far. Though it tarries, wait for it.

Pastor Oluwashola. Hmmm. Father. Baba. Agba ti o binu lomo re npo. A father who seldom gets angry is surrounded by a lot of children. What can I say to make them understand how loving, how caring, how fatherly you are. You know the roles of a father and you so perfectly act them out so maturely. A wonderfully gifted and talented musician like you have no place in the crowd, you will shine brightly as the stars. Great footballers are not known by skills, they are known by goals. Your giving attitude still continues to amaze me. Meeting your awesome and ever-welcoming parents and loving siblings made me understand a little about why you can be so so so so hmmmm, so fatherly. I miss those times we gist privately. I smile when I remember all those late night trips to and fro our friends' places. So sweet a voice, so handsome a face, so manly yet so gentle. You are a rare make.

i don't wanna extend it over to our other guys. Save that for later. All our new guys, I cherish you. Kunle, Jude, Sadex, our ladies, Hikheoluwa Tiana Dibs.....
I wish I have something bigggggggggg to give you guys each as a present to say Thank You for passing time with me. Don't worry, your well deserved successes will be my God's way of repaying you back as rewards for your labour of love.

I Miss You Dearly.

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